The Power of a Happy Memory

Memories are such a powerful tool that many people fail to utilize. Through looking at our past, we can view what made us smile, what made us sniffle, and what we did to contribute to these highs and lows.

Perhaps the happiest memory of my life is from the summer of ’08. I was a little girl with her friends and her mom and her friends moms. Our California soccer tournament had just ended, and it felt nice to relax and start to relish the fresh western air. The salty ocean kissed our sore feet for a while, and then a local beachy amusement park cleared our minds. I vividly remember the joy that consumed me in those simple, pure moments. There were no laws broken that day, no risks taken; what made that day so special was the fact that I was surrounded by people I loved, in a suddenly stress-free activity, in the most beautiful place I could’ve imagined.

This memory could be seen from its surface as a little girl having a fun day at the beach. But that would only be scraping the surface of an ocean of self-exploration. When I look back at that memory, I see what truly makes me happy in this life: simplicity, companionship, and the outdoors.

That memory not only gave me happiness, it gave me realization.

First Steps

Blogging is such a wonderfully terrible thing.  It allows us to peer into the depths of each other’s souls, yet never truly know one another. Or would that be terribly wonderful? I’m not sure. I suppose that’s why I’m here… to somehow throw up all of my musings onto the face of the internet. Hopefully some of you enjoy my rants and thoughts and dreams and questions.  

Remember, stumbling is always better than stillness.